what a fun little run....

by Schuyler Fisk

well we just had the most fun little adventure! we have just returned home from a fun week in virginia and new york! we got to open up a show for the one and only mrs. loretta lynn in the gorgeous town of charlottesville, virginia. that was SUCH a treat and a fun evening. the show benefitted the charlottesville free clinic and it was a honor to be a part of the event. while we were in charlottesville, tim and i spent a day at the wonderful white star studio (  http://www.whitestarsound.com/) to record a track for our next record!   we also got to visit jeff and brad in the corner lounge and play a few acoustic songs for them (www.1061thecorner.com)then, we took a train up to new york where we got to play for the folks at i heart radio, we got to eat some incredible food, and then we got to play a fun show at Rockwood stage 2. what a blast it was! oh, and also, we had NEW MERCH in tow. new merch that i designed and i'm very excited about. come on out to a show to get your hands on some!! totes and tee's and even new fm radio stationary! (if you tweet me, i might just send out a few free totes to those who really want one) here are some pics of the fun little adventure we had.....


XOXO schuyler & tim


DRUM love

by Schuyler Fisk

Tune into The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, this Friday night, to see one of these 2 drum heads in use! :) we are excited! thanks to Jam Heads for getting them done so quickly for us!

xo schuyler & tim

drum da dum dum dum.....

drum da dum dum dum.....

our new favorite things!

by Schuyler Fisk

Thanks to the amazing team at Moody guitar straps (http://moodyleather.com/) for custom making these beauties for tim and me! we are already in love with them and can't wait to wear them for everyone to see on friday !!! make sure to tune in to The Tonight Show on NBC 02/15 to see us sing our song "The Journey" from the SAFE HAVEN soundtrack! we'll be wearing these awesome new FM RADIO guitar straps!!!!!

our new straps! love at first sight! 

our new straps! love at first sight! 

rehearsal day.....

by Schuyler Fisk
had a fun rehearsal day yesterday.....some new instruments, some new band members....we are getting excited for friday!! xoxo schuyler & tim

LYRIC request....."The Journey"

by Schuyler Fisk


music & lyrics by FM RADIO (FISK/MYERS)

My mind is heavy

Been shuffled around

My head and my heart spin

Like a merry-go-round

But I’m moving forward

Wherever I go

I found where my heart is

It’s calling me home


I’ll leave it behind me

Get outta the fray

I’ll let this sun set

And onto new days

I’m moving onward

Into the unknown

The reward is the journey

Calling me home

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so, this is HAPPENING.

by Schuyler Fisk

CHECK OUT THE MUSICAL GUEST on LENO FOR NEXT FRIDAY, FEB. 15TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAFE HAVEN premiere

by Schuyler Fisk

tim and i went to the SAFE HAVEN premiere last night... ($5 thrift store sparkly shirt find!!)  We are thrilled to have our song "The Journey" on the soundtrack and it was fun to celebrate that by watching the film!  YOU can celebrate by buying the rad soundtrack :)